Meet the E-Board

Kaina Rivera


Major(s): Sociology (Criminology)/ Black Studies
Year: Senior
Office Hours:  M 7-9pm, R 10-1pm; 3:30-5:30pm & F 4:30 – 8:30pm

Responsibilities: The President oversees Student Association Executive Board. He/She serves as the student liaison to the council board that decides College policies as well as development projects. The President meets regularly with the Associate Vice President of Student Affairs.  Other responsibilities include electing student representation to the Student Association Judicial Board and Administrative Judicial Board.

N’della Seque

Executive Vice President

Major(s):  Sociology (Human Services)/ Black Studies
Year:  Junior
Office Hours:  T 6:30-9:00pm, W 5-9:30pm & F 3:30-8:00pm

Responsibilities: The Executive Vice President is responsible observing how the college is impacted by local, state, and national politics. The Executive Vice President serves on several committees and chairs University Police Department (UPD) Committee. The Executive Vice President meets with College Vice-President of Student Affairs and the University Police Chief.

Gladis Moreira

Vice President of Academic Affairs and Governance

Major:  International Business/Marketing
Year:  Senior
Office Hours:   M 1-9:30pm & F 1-4:30pm

Responsibilities: Manage SA Elections, Oversee changes to SA Constitution, Chair of Constitution and Rules Committee, Liaison from Students to Faculty, Meet with Provost/Administrative VP of Academic Affairs, Coordinate student seats on Faculty Governance Committees

Fousseni Baba

Vice President of Finance

Major:  International Business/Economics
Year:  Senior
Office Hours: M 5-9pm, W 6-7pm, R 6-7pm & F 1-7pm

Responsibilities: The Vice President of Finance’s responsibility is to manage the 1.5 m budget allocated to all recognized clubs and organizations on campus. They also run the Budget and Finance committee, with the help of the board members we overlook the requests from clubs and conference requests.


Danielle Franklin

Vice President of Programming

Major:  International Business/Marketing
Year:  Junior
Office Hours: M 12:20-1:45pm; 4-8:35pm, W 4-6pm & F 4-8pm

Responsibilities: The Vice President of Programming is the Chair of the Programming Board which assists in overseeing the schools 1.5m budget. The Vice President of Programming is also the Chair of SA Productions as they organize and host campus wide events including one of the largest events on campus, the spring concert.

Kevin King

Senate Chair

Year: Senior
Office Hours: M 5:30-9:00pm, T 5-8pm, W 11-2pm, R 6:30-9:00pm & F 4-5pm

Responsibilities: The Senate Chair serves as the chairperson to the Student Association as well as the Student Concerns Committee. The Senate chair organizes and proposes the agenda for the meetings and acts as a liaison between Student Senators and the Administration 

Gianni Marcel

Council of Organizations Chair Person

Major(s): Int. Relations/Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies
Year: Junior
Office Hours: M 6-8pm, T 5-8pm, W 4-8pm, R 5-8pm & by appointment

Responsibilities: The Council Chair serves as the chairperson for the Student Association and the various organizations on campus. The Council Chair approves existing clubs as well as oversees a Council board, which is tasked with the responsibility of approving or denying new clubs as well as requests for office space. The Council Chair also oversees and organizes Rainbow Coalition Month. The Council Chair is the liaison between campus clubs/organizations and administration.

New Paltz Student Association