Budget Bylaws

Student Association Budget, SUNY New Paltz, Fiscal Year 2017-18

The following general stipulations will apply to all organizations funded by the mandatory activity fee:

  • All clubs are required to have one fiscal designee to sign all funding requests. This fiscal designee must provide name, signature, and e-mail to the SA Business Office no later than the deadline for submitting charters each semester, and thereafter whenever a charter is submitted for consideration.
  • All clubs that receive a line item budget for the fiscal year shall not have access to general programming funds unless the following criteria can be met:
    1. It must be to purchase something already approved in the line item request that had a significant price increase.
    2. In the case of a club sport it can be the opportunity to participate in post season events.
    3. Club must maintain good standing and be chartered by the Council of Organizations.
  • Appeals will be made directly to the VP for Finance who will determine if the criteria exists for the club to present to the entire Budget and Finance Committee.
  • All conference funding must be requested through the conference account in accordance with the Student Association by-laws.
  • No one person or group shall abuse the privilege of the Conference Fund Line. Funding shall be granted at the rate of $600/Person/$1800 max for accepted presenters and $400/person/$1600 max for non-presenting attendees, $2200 max for four or more both presenters and non-presenters. All funds shall be equally divided among all participants.
  • Conference reimbursements shall be issued after attendance.
  • All transportation for trips will be funded at two thirds the cost.
  • Competitive pricing must be provided for all expenditures.
  • No lodging for non New Paltz students will be paid for.
  • No personal items: All costumes will be funded at 50% of their cost.
  • Damaged/worn out uniforms must be returned for replacement. Lost uniforms will be the responsibility of the individual.
  • No food at club meetings with the exception of one general interest meeting per semester.
  • There will be a maximum of $1500 for videography/photography per event. Any additional amount requested must be generated by revenue from the event.
  • There is a cap of $600 per event for non-reusable items.
  • All outside vendors sponsored by a SA organization will pay 20% of gross sales generated to that organization.
  • No external web domains will be funded by the Student Association.
  • Banners funded should have generic information only to allow for future use.
  • The S.A. credit card may be used to purchase travel, lodging, and registrations only.

Other stipulations have been listed that are specific to the particular organization.

New Paltz Student Association