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Name of Organization [1] Description
TBA Improv A performing group that specializes in improvisational comedy.
TBA Improv On campus, student run comedy improv group. Audition-based.
TBA Improv Student-led improv comedy group.
TBA Improv Audition-based student run comedy improv team.
TBA Improv Audition-based, student-led improv comedy troupe.
Tango Club Argentine Tango
Take Back the Night Annual rally & march to promote solidarity with survivors of domestic and sexual violence
Take Back the Night An on campus activist organization focused around empowering survivors of sexual/domestic violence.
Take Back the Night An annual on campus event meant to educate and empower survivors of sexual and domestic violence.
Take Back the Night A student collective that organizes events to empower survivors of sexual violence & educate others.
Take Back the Night Take Back the Night aims to raise awareness about sexual violence and empower survivors.
Swing Dance Club We are a club that builds community through swing dancing.
Swing Dance Club We share the love of swing dancing with this campus!
Name of Organization [1] Description
Displaying 451 - 500 of 855 1 8 9 10 11 12 18

New Paltz Student Association