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Name of Organization [1] Description
Fresh Act Productions A biannual 10 minute play festival that is produced, directed, written and acted by students.
New Paltz Boxing Athletic Club A boxing athletic club
Hippies for Hope A branch of a charitable organization with the mission of spreading hope.
Alpha Psi Ecdysia A burlesque performance troupe
New Paltz League of Legends Club A campus club based around the online game "League of Legends"
Island Heat A Caribbean dance team that performs different dances and arts from the Caribbean culture.
Modern Art Collective A central hub intended to network and grow the SUNY New Paltz F&PA and extended community.
New York Blood Center Chapter A chapter of New York Blood Center volunteers.
Navigators for Christ A Christian gathering with the goal of knowing Christ and making Christ known.
International Business Association A club catering to the needs of International Business Majors and others with interest
Name of Organization [1] Description
Displaying 1 - 50 of 855 1 2 3 18

New Paltz Student Association