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Spring 2017
Social and Cultural
Student organization that aims to spread positivity through small random acts of kindness.
The purpose of #ChooseYou is to create a community on this campus where kindness is celebrated. We want to promote the idea that it is okay to tell yourself you are worth it. Some college students don't feel accepted, and therefore don't have anyone they feel comfortable turning to. We want to be the place they can come, and either share, create, or just socialize. #ChooseYou is a club that encourages everyone to believe in themselves, especially during this specific time in our society. We really do believe that one small act of kindness could make someone’s day. We are here to convince others that it is not just us or this club that has the ability to make a difference, it is them. Everyone has the ability to make a difference, we are just here to encourage that and make others believe it to be true.
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Emily Castro
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(516) 640-8820
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